Thursday, 23 August 2012


No, my daughter did not actually step in this 
steaming bag of dog crap, but she could have.
Welcome to a brand new series I like to call Seriously, What is Wrong With You? In this inaugural instalment, we attempt to teach certain cloddish pet owners what ought to be instinctive: respect for hygiene, public spaces and their fellow man. I can't tell you how often I go for a stroll only to be assaulted by the sight of a freshly dropped bag of dog shit on the sidewalk. (Actually I can tell you how often. EVERY DAY.)
This one is worth extra points due 
to the extruded, stepped-on contents.

Then, this past weekend, my daughter and I went for a walk in her neighbourhood, and before we'd even rounded the first corner, there it was. 
A fresh-dropped bag. 
"Mom!" my daughter exclaimed, as if it were my fault. "Are you seeing this? I could have stepped in that!" 
I took a closer look. 
"Well somebody beat you to it," I observed. 

After that, it became a game: how many bags of dog poop will we see? (Four. Saddest game ever.) Anyway, my point is, if you are one of these dog-poop-droppers, I have news for you: You're a slob. The act of putting your dog's crap in bag does not signal the end of your commitment. You are now supposed to walk that warm little bundle the extra few steps to a garbage receptacle and get it out of harm's way. 
Thank you. This concludes the first edition of Seriously, What is Wrong With You? Stay tuned next week, when we tackle the thorny issue of men who think flip-flops aren't complete without a nice pair of white ankle socks. (Warning: Graphic images.)