Wednesday, 26 September 2012


You can be sure that if anything I am wearing 
ever splits open, you will be the first to know!

Sometimes I wonder how we ever functioned in a pre-wired world. How did we get through the day without Kim Kardashian's every-hour-on-the-hour tweets or Facebook's incessant invitations to join a rousing game of Farmville?
Because I'll tell you, my day would not have been complete today if I had not seen that photo of Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara's Emmy wardrobe malfunction and resultant butt-crack. 

Thankfully, Sofia is on top of this social media thing. She immediately instructed her assistant to take a photo of her "other cleavage" and tweet it for the entire world to see. And then put it on her website as well.  

The photo also gets top billing on (here's the link, should you want to see it, and please don't even bother to pretend that you don't, at Emmy Butt!). Perez graciously notes that "Sofia was kind enough to share the bootylicious blunder on Twitter."
Yes, "kind" is the very word I was looking for here, Perez. I feel blessed to have been party to that visual of Sofia's surprisingly tiny bum. It was incredibly thoughtful of her to share that with us, because after all, it happened in her dressing room. So no one really had to know. It could have remained private. In another era, it would have remained private. And just think how awful THAT would have been. 

Editor's note: Wow! (Clicking on link. Pausing.) That woman is a saint. This should banish anyone's suspicions that she is motivated by anything other than selfless devotion to our Lord.