Friday, 21 September 2012


Kelsey Grammer, their daughter Mason, Camille 
and Camille's implants, before the split. (And is it 
just me or does that poor kid look like she's thinking, 
"Just once I'd like to have a picture of me where 
CreStock  photo


Kelsey Grammer pulled a hissy fit of Billy Bob Thornton-esque proportions last night before the Piers Morgan show. Kelsey was supposed to spend an hour blathering with Piers about . . . oh I don't know, whatever lame shit he's up to these days, my eyes glazed over when Frasier ended, really. But then Piers' "people" went and flashed a photo of Frasier's Kelsey's ex, Camille, and her breast implants enjoying a day at the beach. I'm not sure what the point of that was, but apparently Kelsey felt the point was to poke him in the arse with a red-hot "GOTCHA," because his immediate reaction was to storm out of the building and refuse to ever talk to Piers Morgan again.

So I'm guessin' there's some animosity between Kelsey and the ex. Which is fine; as a frequently divorced woman myself, I totally get that. I heartily approve of it, even. However, I would never be so silly as to let the entire United States of America have a field day with it. 

Besides, if he really detests Camille that much, he may want to rethink his tactics. Because I wouldn't have been interested in photos of what's-her-name before this incident. But now?  Now everyone wants to see them. Even you, I'm sure. (Take a quick peek HERE, while no one's looking.) 
What I find interesting about the photos is not that Camille looks hot at 44 (most of my 44-year-old friends do), but rather that her industrial-strength implants appear to be mounted on cantilevered pulleys that move in completely opposite directions at all times. What is also interesting is that she seems quite happy about her new single status. Giddy, even. Whereas Kelsey seems as pinched and tetchy as a senior citizen bending over for his monthly prostate exam.

Kelsey, lighten up, man. First of all, you look foolish. Second of all, you just gave the insufferable Piers Morgan a total ratings goose. And third, that one person you clearly despise? The one of whom we must not speak? You just made her day. And possibly even her career.
Now off you go. See if you can find another talk show host who wants to chat about your new show, "Boss." Or Toss. Or Spaz or Pizz or whatever the heck it's called. I don't know and I don't care, because right now, I'm much more interested in Googling "Camille+Photos+Breasts."