Friday, 12 October 2012


That's right, everybody line up. Nice 'n' orderly-like. Yes, folks, you will all get a paid seat on the bacteria bus, where your seatmate and virtually everyone else on this tube of doom will commence hacking, sneezing and nose-blowing the very second the doors close. This has been my experience all week long. There are several virulent bugs making the rounds in the Toronto-area, and they ALL ride public transit. I can accept that one (or all 60) of my bus-mates might be under the weather. What I cannot accept is that many of them apparently DID NOT PASS KINDERGARTEN and still haven't learned to cover their holes when they cough or sneeze. Dis-friggin-gusting. Because this has been my "reward" at the end of every long workday this week, today, more than any other Friday, I really mean it when I say "TGIF."