Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Oh, "cad." Well I've never heard of that one, 
but sure, I guess I'll try some.
Photo: CreStock

What is up with the cads lately? It's like they're having a competition to see who can be the cad-iest. I don't have enough time, space or patience to tell you what all of them are up to, so let's just go with a hardened veteran cad and a budding young cad. Coincidentally, they share the same last name, although they are not related. (At least not that I'm aware of. But the way things are unfolding lately, nothing would surprise me...)

OLD CAD: Bobby Brown, at left, has been arrested for drunk driving. Again. TMZ is reporting that police spotted Brown driving erratically in L.A. and when they pulled him over, he reeked of booze and failed a sobriety test. (Which may or may not have included the question: "What is your favourite foodstuff: crack, weed or moonshine?") 
Then again, I suppose I should be a bit more charitable. Perhaps the news that he might soon be a grandpa (when his estranged daughter and her adopted brother have their baby) was too much for him. It's certainly too much for me.

YOUNG CAD: Mere days after he dumped Karrueche for Rihanna, Chris Brown has decided he maybe wants Karrueche back. No wait: Rihanna. No, Karrueche. No, uhm ... how 'bout both? Can I have both? 
Two days after partying with Rihanna, Chris was spotted Monday hanging out with Karrueche. The surprising thing here is not that Chris is being a little sh*t, but rather that either of these women are putting up with it. I predict this is all going to end in a very bitter, public girlfight . . . and that TMZ will have the photos within minutes.

*Shocking update: has been taking fertility pills and is impregnating EVERYONE this week. Not only have they alleged that Bobbi Kristina is pregnant (see post, below), but now they’re reporting that Karrueche is preggers by Chris Brown. If it's true, this love triangle just got very sharp, pointy edges.