Thursday, 4 October 2012


Jennifer Lopez, JLo, Casper Smart, Whorrified,
Wait till next week, when we have front-row 
seats at the Romney-Obama debate! 

Photo: Sbukley/Dreamstime 

It was a very special day for two of Jennifer Lopez's "children" yesterday. They got to get all dressed up and go to a Chanel fashion show . . . whether they wanted to or not.  
The event marked a first for daughter Emme, 4,  and for boyfriend Casper, 25. But while Casper was clearly delighted, tweeting photos to all his homies, ungrateful Emme did not seem to be enjoying this age-appropriate outing at all. In fact fact, she looked bored out of her pre-school gourd. Not even the $2,400 worth of Chanel accessories that adorned her tiny body could convince her that she was supposed to be having the time of her ever-lovin' life.

Emme: "But Mommy, you said we were going to the teddy bear store..."
J Lo: "Shh, Mommy had to say that or you would never have come! Now stop making unattractive frowning faces and smile for the cameras."
Emme: "But I have to go pee!"
J Lo: "Well so do I but you don't hear me whining about it, now do you?"
Casper: "I have to go pee too!"

J Lo: "Oh for God's sake. You two are worse than Suri Cruise and Romeo Beckham put together!"

I suppose some might question J Lo's judgment in this matter, but personally I feel sorry her. I mean the pressure is really ON, here. She's not getting any younger and even her child beau, Casper, is getting too big to qualify for the Mom-n-Tot shots the paparazzi love. 
So it's time for Emme to step up to the money-makin' plate.
Sorry kid. You'd better just learn to start liking front-row seats at grown-up events, cuz there's gonna be a whole lot more of this boring shit in your future.

Editor's note: Well this is a case where the photos say it all. Click on these links to see Emme having so much fun she can hardly stand it. 

1: "Yay! Haute couture! Sooo excited!"

2: "More fashion, Mommy! More fashion!" 

3: "Wow! Best day ever!"

4: "Is this even real? Lemme pinch myself!"