Friday, 2 November 2012


Did you think I was going to dress up in some ugly
Mr. Rogers the Gay Mime getup like Kanye did?
(Click on There's a link for that.)

Photo: ImageCollect/CreStock 

And now it's time to announce the winner of the Which Celebrity Head Has the Most Air In It awards: The Halloween Edition. I'll be honest with you, this was a nail-biter. The competition was fierce, what with Kelsey Grammer bringing his 3-month-old to a booze-up at the Playboy Mansion and some serious Kardashian-on-Kardashian battles for top spot. (Kim spent $2000 on an ugly white mermaid wig while her mom dressed up as Wonderwoman and tweeted a pic of her nipples. She came this close to winning.) 

However, after careful consultation with my panel of one (take a bow, Editor; thank you, now go away), we have a decision. And the award for this year's Which Celebrity Head Has the Most Air In It goes to . . . Chris "Breezy" Brown. 

Chris really needs no explaining. Whether it be clobbering his sweetheart, cheating on his rebound girlfriend, getting chipmunky in public washroom stalls or getting his entire head inked with ugly tatts that look like they might be the lick-and-press kind ... well, I think we all get where this is going.

But the highlight of this outstanding ouevre was his choice of Halloween getups. Chris showed up at a Halloween party last night dressed as a Taliban terrorist. Had he dressed up as Ike Turner and entered the room swinging at Rihanna, it would have been less distasteful.

EDITOR'S NOTE: WTF? Does this kid ever do anything right? Click here to see pix of Al-Breezy at