Friday, 9 November 2012


You were trying to hold his hand! 
That's it; this friendship is over!
And from our "Oh, The Irony" files, we have Katy Perry shunning her former best friend, Rihanna. The two are not only "barely talking," but Katy did not attend Rihanna's huge Halloween bash and Rihanna was a glaring no-show at Katy's 28th birthday party.

What's behind this sudden freeze? Katy does not approve of Rihanna's reconciliation with face-biter Chris Brown. 

Which is certainly understandable, I mean who in their right mind would approve of that? But it's a bit rich for Katy to be playing Mother Superior. This is, after all, a woman who married creepy sex addict Russell Brand. And then moved on to serial womanizer and all-around arsehole John Mayer. And then dumped him because he was treating her like ass and then took him back again. And who now hangs around with RPat and KStew, because their reconciliation is obviously so much healthier.

Listen, nobody is going to defend Rihanna's decision to take Chris back. (Although "take him back" is a bit of a misnomer, since he appears to be dipping a toe in quite a few other puddles, if you know what I mean). But for Katy to pull her friendship at a time when it is probably going to be most needed says as much about her as it does about RiRi. For starters, it says, "I will only like you if you do what I want."

Anyway, Rihanna has gone and showed Katy because she's found a new girl to be besties with. And if Katy thought Chris was a bad influence, wait till she sees the good clean fun Rihanna has been getting up to with her new pal Kate Moss. Click here on Who Needs Clothes When You're This Hot?