Saturday, 17 November 2012


You could list the people who can get away with calling  
 Jay "disrespectful" on the fingers of one cold, dead hand. 
Photo: Alexandra Glen / Featureflash

If I asked you who is a bigger, badder, ballsier star in NYC than Jay-Z, you'd be hard-pressed to come up with a name.
But not after you hear this story.
Apparently Jay-Z got into an epic scrap with a Hollywood A-lister at a party . . . and didn't exactly win.That A-lister was one grizzled old Robert de Niro, who proved he ain't afraid of no stinkin' rapper, even if he IS the best rapper alive and knows people who shoot people.

And while you sit there and wonder what the hell kind of party would have de Niro AND Jay-Z on the same guest list, allow me to give you the details. Apparently Jay approached de Niro's table and tried to chat him up. (His people clearly failed to give him the memo that the legendary RdN can be a bit of a bitch at times. In fact most times. Maybe even always. For that, they may well be shot fired.) 

De Niro's instinctive response to this friendly gesture was a surly: "You never called me back." He was apparently cheesed about a song Jay-Z had said he'd record for the Tribeca Film Festival. "If somebody calls you six times," de Niro huffed, "you call them back. It doesn't matter who you are, that is just rude."

Little punk made me go all 
Taxi Driver on his ass. 

As stars like Jamie Foxx and Martin Scorsese looked on in tonsil-inhaling horror, de Niro told Jay-Z he was "disrespectful," a dis that prompted a nervous Beyonce to try to intervene. Again, epic fail. 
I'm sure there aren't too many people Jay-Z would let call him "rude" without sending them home with a cap in their teeth, but that night he stumbled into the one man in NYC who has that kind of cachet.
A witness noted: "De Niro can be quite scary when he's angry."  And also, I would add, when he's not angry.
Robert de Niro. 69 years old, and still downright terrifying. 
I LOVE this story with every fibre of my being.

Editor's note: Yes, and the scene of all this drama was Leonardo di Caprio's birthday party. Holy toledo; I would have been wetting my pants.
My note: In the extremely unlikely event that you would be invited to di Caprio's party and the even unlikelier event that Jay-Z would acknowledge you, he would have eaten you raw. 
Editor's note: Good point.