Tuesday, 27 November 2012


 of having my image sullied
 in connection with this Rob Ford 
conflict-of-interest debacle!
Photo: Crestock

Hey, all you *ssholes who wanted Rob Ford kicked out of office: are ya happy now? Huh? ARE YA?  
Cuz Rob-and-this-is-my brother-Doug wants you to know that everything he did, he did for the kids. OK? And you f*ckers messed it up with your "rules" and your "regulations" and your uptight, can't leave a rogue mayor alone-y-ness. Way to go!

One day after being found guilty of conflict of interest and turfed from office, a choked-up yet pugnacious Ford faced a firing squad of TV cameras and offered an apology that sounded more like an accusation.
"This entire matter began because I love to help kids play football." (And also because he refused to pay the $3,150 out of his own pocket. *Slap! Slap! No! What is the MATTER with you, stupid editor?*) "I was focused on raising money to help underprivileged youth," Ford said.
Well that's wonderful. That is your ticket to heaven right there, Robbie, but the thing is ...YOU WERE THE MAYOR OF THE BIGGEST GODDAM CITY in Canada! So maybe the football thing should have come second to council meetings rather than the other way around? I don't know. Maybe? Izzat just crazy talk? Yeah, it's probably just crazy talk.
So all you people who hate Rob for caring so much, for soliciting funds for his team using city letterhead, for putting bros before (council) hos, for voting on matters in which he was directly financially involved, well SCREW YOU! You ruined it for the kids! I hope you can sleep tonight!  

Post Script: Hours after that stupid boring press conference, Rob's beloved Bosco boys got their arses kicked by the Huron Heights Warriors. This is probably all your fault too, people! Here's a link to the Toronto Star's coverage of today's Ford developments; click on The Stuff Good Journalism is Made Of.