Saturday, 8 December 2012


committing the unpardonable sin of being attractive
 to the opposite sex. Never mind that she is the 
only artist to spend 69 consecutive weeks in the 
top ten and has sold 11 million albums. None of that 
stuff matters, because Camille Paglia gives her a 
feminism "fail." 

Alexandra Glen/Featureflash

I saw an article in UK's Daily Mail in which Camille Paglia slams Katy Perry and Taylor Swift for being "insipid bleached personas" who are dragging us all back to the 1950s with their "man-pleasing" personalities.
"Are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift killing feminism?" the article asks.
No, Camille, I reply. YOU did that with your relentless haranguing. Your acidic, attack-dog persona made feminism about as appealing as a bubbling bowl of bile.

See, here's the thing: the brand has evolved. Feminists these days are smarter. Softer. And stronger. Today's feminists know they can giggle and wear dresses and false eyelashes and heels and perfume and, guess what, still be the boss of themselves.
We support ourselves, we have babies, we rest up for as long as we can afford to and then we go back to work; or we just stay single. Either way, we have fantastic careers if we want them. 

You think Beyonce isn't a smart, strong woman? Really? I'll lay down a grand right here, right now, that says that woman calls the shots in her marriage to one of the most powerful men in music. 

You think Katy Perry isn't a smart, strong woman with a record-breaking, kick-ass career, of which she is solidly in charge? 
You think Taylor Swift (age 22 and thus still growing up, btw) isn't a major talent who is only now getting a taste of her incredible power? 
Then perhaps you are stuck in the delusion that strong women have to look butch, act butch, talk butch and, above all, always be ready to attack and emasculate those whom nature intended to be our partners.
How deeply unattractive. 
And that, Camille, is why no young woman in her right mind wants to call herself a "feminist" these days. Even if she is one.

There is a very wise, very old expression, wiser and older even than you, Camille, that says, "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar."  Honey is on trend these days. Vinegar? Mmm, not so much. So take your tart-smarts and leave these young ladies alone, will you? 
Women are the shit, Camille. Always have been, always will be. The last thing we need is to be attacked by one of our own.