Saturday, 22 December 2012


Any day now, this Brampton homeowner is going to inflate his decorations. Maybe.
You've been wondering if and when I was going to shame any more of my neighbours' Christmas decorating efforts, haven't you? Well wonder no more. This photo clearly shows that I am on duty day AND night. I've been watching this home for more than a week now to see if this tangle of deflated carcasses is just a temporary setback or if, in fact, this is as far as their decorating is going to go. And it looks like the latter. I think the sentiment they're trying to convey here is, "Christmas: Who Gives a Shit?" Nice.

Confused child: Daddy, why aren't our decorations blown up yet?
Dad: Because we can't afford air. We're that poor.
Confused child: I'm going to ask Santa to bring us some air!
Dad: That's a great idea, son. *Thinks: 'I just saved myself a FORTUNE on presents.'