Sunday, 16 December 2012


and Deadmau5 are engaged! Which is right, wrong,
 funny and creepy, all at the same time.
I know this will be hard to believe but tatted pipsqueak Deadmau5 (who's Canadian, but let's not brag about it) has proposed to tatted amazon Kat Von D and it was totally tacky from start to finish.
For starters, he popped the question on friggin Twitter. I know. Who does that? Actually I hear it was going to be even worse ... he was going to get WILL YOU MARRY ME KAT? tattooed on his butt cheeks but, well, if you've seen this little fella, you know he could never get all those words on that wizened arse.

So he settled for the intimate method of tweeting, with the words: "Can't wait for Christmas so .... Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me?" Accompanied by a PICTURE of a ring. Which of course is what every girl dreams of getting. It's right up there with getting a charcoal sketch of a husband and a mouth-painted rendering of a baby.

And then . . . *presses fingers to temples, winces* . . . there's the ring.
If you asked me to design a cheesy cartoon biker gang engagement ring, I would begin with skulls. One on each side of the diamond. And the diamond would be black. And then I would take a cheesy picture of this cheesy ring BEFORE IT IS EVEN FINISHED and post it on Twitter with the words "Sorry for the jpg; they'll be finished the actual ring soon I hope." Click here to see the ring.

Lastly, and most damningly: Deadmau5 couldn't wait one more week and propose on Christmas like you're supposed to . . . because he was just too excited. He's a premature proposer! (And you know what that means.)

Editor's note: Gross. The biggest moment in the man's life and he can't hold himself till Christmas?
My note: He's not a man. He's a mau5