Saturday, 8 December 2012


Do anything long enough and eventually, it becomes a trend.  

This is not something anyone important ever said, but it could be. Because for years, I have taken gratuitous pictures of myself: Here's me holding a flower. Here's me looking pensive as I sip a cappucino. Here's me sticking my tongue out as my unsuspecting daughter smiles earnestly beside me. Gratuitous. Pictures. Of. Myself. 
And suddenly, GPOY. 

It's a hot new trend, the latest buzz-cronym that symbolizes how lazy we are that we cannot even take the time to say the words those letters stand for. "Gratuitous Photo of ... *gasp* ...Yourself: OMG, let me lie down and take a nap after that linguistic workout. LMAO!"

Google "GPOY" and you will be inundated with annoying images of self-absorbed teens who think pictures of themselves are the reason Google was invented. Spare yourselves this thrombosis-inducing aggravation and just go directly to my "GPOY," at left. There is no subtext, no background story, no explanation at all. Just pure, red-filtered, gratuitousnous. LOL. LOL. LOL.