Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Breezy toke took in the sights and bongs of 
  the freewheeling city during a concert stopover.  
Afterward, he developed a near-paralysing case 
of the munchies, toured a stroopwafel factory and 
had 3,023 of the syrupy treats sent to his hotel room
And then asked, "Where the hell did THESE 
come from?"
Paul Smith/Featureflash

And from our "Did Chris Brown Even Have Any Parents?" files, we bring you the latest shenanigans of a young star who is disintegrating faster than Octomom's abdominal muscles. Chris is in Amsterdam today to subject its residents to one of his concerts. And to help get himself in the right frame of mind, he visited the city's fabled "coffee shops" and posted pix of himself smoking three gaggers at once, followed by a photo of himself taking a hit from a medicinal bong the size of a didgeridoo.  

Click here to see the pix of Chris Brown spending his money wisely. Good, clean fun.

Editor's note: I have just viewed the photos and I am bitterly disappointed. Rihanna does not make a naked appearance in any of them!
My note: That's probably cuz she was back at the hotel   waiting for the stroopwafel delivery to arrive...