Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Rihanna is one of many women who 
do not like to wear pants. Which is fine,
 it's cool, it's totally normal behaviour. 
But she had better stay the 
hell out of Lindsay, Ontario . . .

 A friend sent me this little news item about a poor innocent woman being abused by police during a RIDE check. (*Warning: This item is going to seem weird to people who aren't from around here, but that's just how we roll in Ontario. Livin' on the naked edge, baby!*)
So basically, the Durham Region News (whose name is usually a bit of an oxymoron) says a 21-year-old woman is facing charges after a RIDE stop at about 2 a.m. in Lindsay. The hawk-eyed law officers noticed that the female driver was not wearing pants, suspected booze was involved and "investigated" her
I mean really.
I love how they just ASSUME the woman was intoxicated! Maybe she just doesn’t like to wear pants. Some of us happen to get that. (See related link on the time I couldn’t answer my own door because … I don’t like to wear pants!)
So the bastards charged her and she has to appear in court on Jan. 3. And I hope she doesn't forget her pants that day because, as we can see, they are living in the 1800s in Durham Region and a woman could get hanged for that.

Editor's note: Was there anyone in the car with her?
My note: Just some guy with pants on his head.