Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Don't be put off by the weirdness going on in his 
mouth. Charlie Sheen is auditioning new goddesses 
and all you have to do to qualify is show up! 
(Oh, and be a porn star. And maybe kiss him.)
Charlie Sheen has somehow managed to convince some desperate prostitute to pretend to be his girlfriend in exchange for a trip to Mexico and all the coke she can eat. And I don't know where he finds these gems, but this one is an "actress." 

In what looks a lot like a relapse waiting to happen, Charlie is running around in a shirtless, glassy-eyed tizzy, telling everyone the little lady is his "new goddess."  (And pretty soon real goddesses are going to sit him down and tell him to stop putting their word in his dirty mouth). 

Well I'm no expert, but this new goddess looks about as curvacious as a teenage boy and about as happy to be slumming with the Sheenster as a puppy looks when you drag it over to the puddle it made and mash its nose in it. (Here, click on this link and see for yourself how friggin' thrilled the "actress" looks to be Charlie's latest squeeze toy.)

Then again, perhaps I'm being too hard on the sweethearts. Perhaps this is true love and has nothing at all to do with drugs or money or sugar daddying or horny old creeps who would never be allowed to touch a woman's skin unless they paid cash, in advance.  

Editor's note: I feel compelled to point out that this woman is not a prostitute, she's a porn star.
My note: Right. And I feel compelled to point out that red is not red, it's red.