Sunday, 26 October 2014


It has been one year since I created the tangy little mind candy I call, and so far I have not been sued, sworn at or stink-bombed. This calls for champagne! Which I would share with you except that I already drank it. So instead, please accept this information about the fascinating woman behind the blog that consumes your valuable time.

Name: Whorrified.
No, real name: Whorrified.
Sex: Yes please.
Age: 29 (Plus 48. Minus 29. Ish.)
Hair colour: Fluctuates. Currently blonde with mottled roots. 
Height: Statuesque.
Weight: What's with all the questions?
Occupation: Bitch.
First language: Snarkasm.
Hometown: B(utt-ugly)rampton, Ontario. 
Marital status: I've been every one of them at one point or another, but these days I list it as "Make an Offer."
Current obsession: Finally, a question that matters! Click on this link to share my current obsession, celebrities without makeup. My favourite bare-faced celeb? Heidi Klum, who might want to deliberately start a rumour that she has an uglier twin sister if she plans to run around like this in public.