Monday, 21 January 2013


Actually, in hindsight, maybe one regret. (See below.)  

Jennifer Lopez's "people" are vigourously denying a New York Post report that she is freaked out by her latest cover of People magazine because she thinks it makes her look "old and haggard." Which clearly means she thinks her latest cover of People magazine makes her look "old and haggard." J Lo reportedly spazzed when she saw it and said she looks like fashion designer Betsey Johnson. Who is 70. (Betsey to J Lo: "Like that's a bad thing?")
Yeah. So let us all just observe a moment of silence for poor, hideous Jennifer Lopez, who looks so very old and so very haggard. For feck's sake, Jennifer. Most of us would crack open a bottle of champers if we looked like this.

Editor's note: More importantly, I note that J Lo is rocking bangs. Bangs! BANGS, people! First Michelle Obama, now J Lo . . . I gotta get me some bangs!
My note: Mmhmm. You do that.