Saturday, 12 January 2013


SUNRISE OVER MY CITY  (Turns out God didn't forget Brampton after all!)

Everyone who knows me knows I have sleep issues. I verily believe that I have had them since I was a child, because I vividly remember being about 6, lying wide awake in my bed, looking into the quiet darkness and hearing a voice say *places hand over spot where heart would normally be* and I swear, "Hello Mimi. I am the Virgin Mary. I am here.
And I'm sure that sounds incredible to YOU, but to six-year-old me, that voice was real and it did not seem incredible at all that the Virge would be paying me a visit. (It must really break her heart to see how badly I've strayed off the "virgin" path, but God bless her, she tried.)
Anyway, point is, I don't sleep. If I nod off before 4 a.m. and stay conked out till past 8:30, that is FANTASTIC. Those early-morning hours are my best sleep time, so it is extremely rare for me to be awake for a sight such as this: A sunrise, as seen from my front porch. I only saw this one because I thought I heard the Virgin Mary asking me "Do you even know what VIRGIN means anymore?" and got up in a panic. Turns out it was just a garbage truck pulling through the townhouse complex and making an ungodly racket. I was furious at being disturbed until I saw the morning's glory. The lord works in mysterious ways . . .