Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Kelly Osbourne lost 50 pounds and looks fantastic.
(Now could someone please tell her hairdresser that 
Old Lady Purple does not go well with deathly pallor?)

Continuing with our New Year's diet theme . . . yes I know I've already written extensively about this, but I NEED TO TALK ABOUT DIETS right now, people! If you could see the kind of blubber I am dealing with here! 

Previously we learned Victoria Beckham's secret trick to staying as skinny as a twelve-year-old ... seaweed pills. (Bonus: You actually WANT to barf those up.) 

But who cares how someone who's always been skinny stays skinny? Where's the magic there? 
What I want to know is how Kelly Osbourne unloaded the equivalent of a whole person and turned what was left into a reed-like bikini babe. 

Kelly tells Cosmo UK she owes it all to "sensible diet and exercise," but I'm not buying it. Her dull, sunken eyes have that "Hello, my name is Ann O'Rexic and I am looking at you but seeing a cheese blintz" look to them. This is a girl who is eating dust for breakfast, lunch and dinner or my name is not Whorrified, Queen of the Night.
Here's a link to more pics of Kelly's vanishing silhouette, and really, Kelly dear, I'd say it's time to stop now.