Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Featuring Beyonce, who appears to be made of 
a different kind of skin than the rest of us.

Everybody, please sit down and remain calm. You may even want to kneel. Because you are about to hear the Gospel according to Beyonce and you may very well be slain in the spirit. 
Yes, Queen Bey is back, big-time. She was gone for a while, but in the third year she rose again and is sitting at the right hand of Hov.

Within weeks, she has blown us away at Obama's Inauguration, the Super Bowl and now, whew, on the cover of Vogue. The accompanying interview makes it clear that Beyonce is still amazing, in fact more amazing than ever, which totally excuses that slight whiff of Oprah complex. (Oh, you didn't know? Oprah thinks she's Jesus.) 

Here's a taste, and it is a testament to this woman's mojo that she can say shit like this and still be so lovable: (In discussing her self-directed Life is But a Dream HBO documentary ABOUT HERSELF) "My story has never been told. No one really knows who I am . . . This movie has healed me in so many ways. It makes me want to cry." 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Well I haven't seen the documentary but I have seen the Vogue photos and I have to say her easily offended publicist must have vetted them thoroughly because there is not one single "fierce" photo in there. Nothing but luminous skin, doe eyes, sweeping curves and stunning "God Loves Me Best" beauty. CLICK HERE to see the photos anyone's publicist would stamp with the biggest rubber doohickey she could find.