Saturday, 9 February 2013


I am not usually a sentimental woman, 
but this photo of my granddaughter 
going for an evening stroll at Disneyworld 
with her doting dad pretty much melts my heart.

Ask any young child and they will tell you they "can't wait to grow up." It's one of their most ardent wishes, especially if they are a younger sibling. 

If only they knew what we know: that these are the very best years. 

When a young girl really does have a prince who loves her more than life itself (that's him in the photo, holding her hand). 
When life is as magical as pixie dust and she can wear pink gowns in the daytime and introduce herself to everyone she meets as a "pwincess" ... and not get laughed at. 

My wish for my beautiful granddaughter is that she remembers the enchantment of this moment and that somehow, magically, she can hold onto it right into adulthood. Cherish this, my darling granddaughter, for this is as good as it gets.