Monday, 4 February 2013


So, the Super Bowl. Apparently brazillions of people watched it, but ask around and all anyone really remembers is  the half-time show. (Beyonce, in case you eat brains and are undead and hadn't heard that she was the real reason everyone tuned in.) I was at work when this fleshtastic display went down, and here is what I observed:

First of all, this should have been called the Beyonce Bowl. Because she can drag anyone, even the most hardened workaholic, away from their desk. A gay man. A nerdy man. A married man. A married woman. A menopausal woman. All the single ladies. All the single ladies . . . well you get my point. ANYONE.

Was Baddie Bey lip-syncing? Oh, who friggin' cares! She was half naked and bootylicious and best of all, her Destiny's Child girls literally popped up out of nowhere and sang the REAL hits with her! 

Poor Michelle Williams, Destiny's least favourite Child, almost peed her pants because this is the best thing that has happened to her in years. She was like, "Yay! A job! This is so fun! Can we do this more often? Cuz, seriously, I have been hiding under this stage for three years waiting for this moment!"

Editor's note: I ... wow. I did not even realize there was a football game going on as well. Click here to watch Beyonce prove why she ain't your average chick, she's the baddest chick.