Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There is NO place like it.

Last month, I gifted you with a photo of a beautiful woman who looks EXACTLY like me lollygagging in a pool in Mexico. I figured we all needed to see something sunny and exotic, and Mexico just happened to be in the background. That was before last Friday, when the worst storm in years dumped its guts all over us and reminded us that THIS.IS.FEBRUARY.B*TCHES! 

Clearly, more intensive therapy is needed, so today I am gifting you a picture of the motherland: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Copacabana Beach, to be exact, complete with Sugar Loaf mountain looming in the background. I will spare you the picture of my perfectly bronzed buttocks strolling this beach in a size XXS thong bikini, partly because such a picture does not exist but also because I think anything more than what you see right here is just gilding God's lily. 
Soak your eyeballs in this image whenever you're about to snap, reapply as needed. And remember, February may be a bitch, but it's a short bitch.