Monday, 11 March 2013


(I know. But don't tell him. He thinks she's perfect.)

Oh dear. This sure brings back memories. Memories of the day I went on a day trip to Niagara Falls with clinically insane identical twin Newfie brothers and came back on my hands and knees. Whimpering. Pleading with someone, anyone, to please, PLEASE, spirit these two little bastards away and never tell me where they'd hidden them.

But seriously, folks (no, actually, that was serious), that was one crazy day. This photo was taken at the beginning of the day, before things got . . . interesting. Before the casino. Before dinner at Copacabana during which one of the twins told the Brazilian dancing girls he wanted to marry them. Before they actually had to be SEDATED or we would all have wound up in that city's correctional facility.

The twin in this photo had never been to Niagara Falls. He also did not have a girlfriend at the time, which was a good thing for the women of the world but which caused him a good deal of beer-infused gloominess.
"Hey dude!" I teased when we entered a gift shop. "I've found the perfect girl for you! She's curvy and blond and she will never argue with you!" 

I thought I was joking, but dude actually took a liking to her.
I took a picture of them and as God is my witness, I'm pretty sure he proposed to her. If she could speak, she'd probably have said yes. Or maybe no. It wouldn't really have mattered, because clearly, he'd already made up his mind. I hear they are very happy together even though she has never once changed her clothes since the day they met.