Sunday, 10 March 2013


Justin Bieber, Whorrified,

Aw, this is so cute! Our Justin Bieber isn't a little boy anymore. In fact, it looks like his man-berries have dropped because all of a sudden he's oozing testosterone and just spoiling for a fight. 

Yesterday in London, England, Biebs was being escorted out of a hotel through a throng of paparazzi and accidentally bumped into one of them. The photographer yelled that he'd been assaulted and told Biebs to "f*ck off back to America" as Biebs got into his waiting SUV.

Well obvs that photographer did NOT know who he was messing with. Biebs leaped out of the vehicle, his cap perched at a menacing angle and his voice plummeting two-tenths of an octave as he dove for the photographer, threatening to "beat the f*ck" out of him. 

It is pure, fantastic good luck that his brawny body guards were there to hold him back, because otherwise who knows how this would have ended. TMZ has the video footage here, but I warn you, it is CHILLING. You are about to see 98 pounds of killing machine being unleashed!

EDITOR'S NOTE: And in case you're wondering where the Biebs was off to in such a hurry, apparently Amanda Bynes called. She wanted her hat back.