Thursday, 28 March 2013



Sofia Vergara has either made the biggest mistake of her life or a very shrewd move. The Modern Family actress has fixed what wasn't broken, going ash blond and posting this pic to Instagram to the, er, delight?, yeah, I guess delight, of her fans. (Fans: "But where are the boobs?") 
The Colombian cutie-pie, who I can't help liking even though she's the kind of woman I usually try to belittle for no reason other than that she's gorgeous, captioned the photo: "Blond ambitions! Gracias to the amazing Kelly (Kline). I'm ready for summer!" 
So the obvious question is, does Sofia look better blond, brunette, or naked?

Editor's note: Oh for feck's sake. "Gracias, Kelly?" She has to play the Latina card every time? "Ay Carumba, ay dios mio! Muy caliente maracas grande!" This woman is ANNOYING! And her breasts are fake. I think. I'm pretty sure.
Editor's note: That was not my note! That was Marie's note, pretending to be my note. 

CLICK HERE to abort this post immediately and look at hot pics of Sofia as a brunette instead