Monday, 18 March 2013


Lil Wayne steps out at the Grammys,
 looking remarkably hale for someone whose
veins are filled with ink and Robitussin.

And from our "That Which Does Not Kill You" files, Lil Wayne's latest sizzurp binge may have taken him right to death's doorstep but it has also made him more lucid than he’s ever been. I mean look at this tweet he supposedly sent from ICU while coming down off a massive sizzurp high:
"I'm good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love."

It's . . . it’s comprehensible! I can understand every word! There is no N-word, F-word, H-word, C-word, B-word … why it’s almost as if Weezy didn’t write it himself. 

Because he didn’t.
What Weezy wrote was "ssssssssssiiizzzzzzzzzzuuuurrppp," but then his assistant took the phone away because it was obvious either the seizures hadn’t stopped or he was jonesing for Robitussin real bad. 

TMZ is strongly insinuating, in fact TMZ is insisting, that there's no way shaky Weezy wrote that tweet because he was in an induced coma and hooked up to every damn machine in the building at the time it was tweeted.

In related news, Weezy's drankin' habits are having a bad influence on wee Justin Bieber, who is so eager to become a young black hoodrat he’ll copy ANYTHING they do. Justin: “Weezy drinks seizzurp? I wanna drink seizzurp!
Gimme seizzurp!!”

Editor's note: By the way, "sizzurp" is a highly addictive blend of cough syrup, pop and booze.
My note: Wow. That can't be good for the street cred.