Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Aw, look how cute she was. Time is a cruel, 
heartless bastard, even crueler and more  
heartless than Kris Jenner. Well almost ...

What's that word? There's a word for this, a word that describes WTF is wrong with me that I cannot RESIST ogling terrifying photos of once-beautiful celebrities who no longer look human. There's a word ... hmm. 

Anyway, I loved and will always love Mary Tyler Moore and I think God must have some helpers on the payroll who need much closer monitoring because the shit they pull, it's unbelievable. 

I mean, look at that damn accident that almost severed my frickin' hamstring last week. Did I deserve that? Well that's debatable I suppose, but anyway it's not even on the same level as what I'm talking about here. What I'm talking about is how the fuck could this have happened to Mary Tyler Moore? Because she used to look like that (above, left), and now, at the age of 76-going-on-103, she looks like this. HOLY CRAPBALLS! 
I know. I'm a bad person. I shouldn't even have posted this. I'm gonna stop. No, wait. Just one more look... AAAAAAAAAAARRGH! OK, I'm done now.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Well this could go on all night. I think the word Whorrified is looking for is schadenfreude: deriving pleasure from the misfortune of other. Or maybe morbid: having an unusual interest in unpleasant events. Or possibly just bitch. Yes. It's probably that last one.

Still more "eek!" Click here to assure your one-way ticket to hell view a gallery of other stars who are aging badly. (You'll notice that drugs and surgery are a common theme.) ALSO, we bring you scary Kevin Federline (see post, below). It's kind of a theme today.