Thursday, 4 April 2013


Busta Rhymes, aka Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr. 
Which doesn't sound nearly as cool 
so maybe the burger people called him "Trevor"
 and that's why he totally spazzed on them. 
Busta Rhymes is known for being sick with the lyrics. Unfortunately, if someone isn't putting words in his mouth for him, the ones that come out of it are pretty lame. Ridiculous. One might even say homophobic.

Take an incident in Miami yesterday, when Busta and his crew arrived at a late-night burger joint and expected, as anyone with an oversized ego and absolutely no manners would, to be allowed to barge to the head of the line and start ordering the staff around like peasants.
(Staff Member 1: "What the? I thought only Nicki Minaj did that!"
Staff Member 2: "Oh hell no. You do NOT want to be here when David Hasselhoff wants a cheeseburger!")

Busta apparently became enraged when the manager failed to recognize him because he hasn't had a hit in years made him wait his turn and then, oh the horror, served him a burger with the condiments ON THE SIDE! Instead of ON THE BURGER!

Well naturally Busta lost his mind and started making it rain homophobic slurs, while the terrified staff quailed and maybe even wet their pants a little. Because let's face it, Busta's a big dude, a big dude who eats meat (with condiments on top) and obviously has a touch of Alec Baldwin syndrome. The manager, whom Busta called a "fag" and a "bitch," explained that Cheeseburger Baby always serves the condiments on the side to preserve the integrity of the bun. Which sent Busta directly into fits of F-bombs, ending with, "I'm not leaving until I get ketchup, mayo, salt and pepper on my burger!"

Holy burger-flipping hell. One would expect this sort of assholery from Chris Brown, or maybe even Justin Bieber. But Busta Rhymes? Dude! You're 40! You're getting a little old to be pulling this kind of crap.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I totally agree. Unless Busta is reading this. In which case I don't even really work for this woman and please allow me to personally slather the ketchup, mayo, salt and pepper on your burger MYSELF, good sir!

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