Monday, 8 April 2013


You know what they say about people mellowing with age?
Yeah, well Johnny Rotten is not 'people.' 

If I had to pick one thing that thrilled me more than anything else this week, it would be Johnny Rotten's misogynistic outburst in the midst of an interview on Australian telly.

For those of you who are unaware, Johnny completely lost what's left of his marbles when a female reporter "interrupted" him, telling her, "When a man is talking, do not interrupt!" 
The former Sex Pistol was in full Johnny Rotten mode during an interview on The Project. When co-host Carrie Bickmore asked his thoughts on Margaret Thatcher, he did everything but spit nails.

“Hey, hey, hey missus," he said. "Shut up. Whoever you are, shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Now listen, when a man is talking do not interrupt."
To her credit, Bickmore handled her Billy Bob Thornton moment with aplomb, calmly saying, "I asked for that. Go for it."
Johnny's response? "Stop it. You sound like one of them dreadful loud birds I don't like ... You've got to learn what respect and manners is ... I'm Johnny f*cking Rotten and I'm tellin' you the truf!

Yay! Epic! But why do I love this so much? So many reasons. One, it's therapeutic. Because I keep replaying this video (below), envisioning the EXACT moment that I would have arisen from my co-host chair and kicked him in the crotch with my stilettos.
I keep pausing it at the point where he says, "When a man is talking do not interrupt," and retorting, "Let me know when there's a man in the room."

I also get a little frisson at the anthropological thrill of it all. Neanderthal man! He lives! Any minute now he's going to take that broad by the hair and drag her off to his cave and ... eeew. Those teeth! This fantasy dies right here.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You will be whorrified to hear that someone has convinced Johnny to issue an apology. Sort of.
MY NOTE: I bet it's one of them dreadful loud birds on his damage control team.