Tuesday, 16 April 2013


REPORTER: Eeek! I mean, er, that 
is a lovely, tasteful, perfectly tailored 
getup you have going on there, Ke$ha. 

KE$HA: You got any meth?
 I feel too normal right now. 

I did not watch the MTV Movie Awards last night because I was still recovering from Saturday night. But apparently I should have. Because I missed barking-mad Ke$ha showing up at the festivities looking like this. 

For those of you who haven't been following Ke$ha's loopy antics, here's the condensed version: she's nuts. Wilfully, aggressively, ostentatiously nuts. 
She's been gunning for Crazy Bag Lady status for some time, and I would say she nailed it with this butt-ugly getup. (Crazy Bag Lady: "Excuse me? I wouldn’t be caught dead in that mess!")

Other things Ke$ha has done in her increasingly desperate bid to be weird:  
  • Drank her own pee and bragged about it.
  • Told reporters she has had sex with ghosts. (Ghosts: "Whatevs. Not even dead people are that desperate.")
  • Told reporters her mom loves it when people mock her "daring" fashion choices. (Ke$ha's mom: "YOU try living with that nutter!") 
Oh, and if you don't like her oddball behaviour, Ke$ha has two words for you: "Suck it." All things considered, those could have been two much worse words.

Editor's note: You know, in my day, artists made a name for themselves with talent. I wonder whatever happened to talent. 
My note: Ke$ha painted it orange and drank it.