Wednesday, 10 April 2013


"Evidence of an epic night!!! #wokeupinmyTomFordes" 
If you ask me it is also evidence  of extreme flexibility. 
(Could YOU take this picture of yourself?) 
Rihanna and Chris Brown are officially off again and this time they really mean it. Rihanna is furious because Chris went out to a bar without her and ordered a martini with a busty-waitress chaser.  

Chris was photographed partying and holding hands with one of his fav "servers," Playhouse nightclub's Keisha Kimball (is it just me or does that sound like a porno name?), except haha, the joke's on him, because although Keisha says she's happy to accept the "big tips" he typically leaves, she doesn't date black guys.

"That's not a racist thing or anything," she hastens to explain, proving in one sentence why she is exactly the type that would attract Chris Brown like a moth to a not-overly-bright flame. 

Rihanna is handling the breakup in her usual fashion, by throwing herself headlong into butt sex Instagram therapy, posting this pic of her leg after a night of hard-core abstinence and celibacy, with the caption: "Evidence of an epic night!!! #wokeupinmyTomFordes"  
Uh-oh. That picture of Rihanna's leg is totally going to make my leg jealous. Jesus. I'm going to have to stop letting it read this blog!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Harrumph! Keisha Kimball is not a porn star (yet), she's a model! Musclemag, Hooters magazine, centrefolds . . . all kinds of top-drawer stuff!
MY NOTE: Well I'm sure Chris will be able to bring that "tasteful" element her career lacks.