Saturday, 11 May 2013


After four years of being banned from the Met Ball because host Anna Wintour hates her famewhoring guts, Kim Kardashian managed to bulldoze in this year because she signed her uterus over to Kanye West for awhile and man, was it worth it. 

Because although Anna detests Kim, who she once compared to a pair of socks, she for some unfathomable reason loves Kanye. Which makes no sense at all because he's a self-centred, charmless, cold-hearted bitch who . . . wait a minute, I lost my train of thought, was that Anna or Kanye I was just describing ...*slaps forehead* Oh! I get it now!

Kanye reported begged Wintour to let Kim attend the classy event, and Kim showed her gratitude by showing up in a shockingly off-theme frock. But in the end, Anna had the last feral gurgle laugh because look what she did to Kim in this picture. Basically, she "edited" her out of the best-dressed list, no doubt making screaming sounds in Kim's voice whilst snipping. 

This, folks, is how you say "Fuck you" without actually uttering a single word. Anna Wintour, you self-centred, charmless, cold-hearted, hilarious old bitch, you.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If only you could edit people out of real life.