Monday, 3 June 2013


Unfortunately, no one will be able to see it until 
she gets that ratty rat fur surgically removed. 
Photo: Amanda Bynes' Wig Twitter account. 
(That's right *makes circle motions around temple*
 her wig has its own Twitter account.)

Amanda Bynes may be going to hell for relentlessly Twitter-bashing everyone who's ever been nice to her but at least she'll be the prettiest nutter there. 

The looney tunes starlet has tweeted that she got an emergency nose job immediately after being sprung for the alleged bong-tossing, because of course nothing makes a girl feel better than hacking off part of her face after something like that. 

Then, for good measure (it's some sort of gypsy pot-smoking ritual), she flung a big handful of donkey shat at her poor elderly father, who must be on his knees on a nightly basis these days, whimpering, "Please, Jesus, just keep her away from us. We're OLD, for fuck's sake!" 

She tweeted: "My dad is as ugly as RuPaul! So thankful I look nothing like you both! I had nose surgery after my mug shots so my nose and I are gorgeous!"

No word yet on whether the changeling has done anything about the wig. Because let me tell you, girlfriend, unless your dad looks like a crack-smoking Swedish transvestite prostitute, you can't blame that thing on him.

RuPAUL'S NOTE: Somebody tell me where this little bitch live. I'ma show her who's ugly!
EDITOR'S NOTE: As much as I would dearly love to tell you where this little bitch live, I mean seriously I would pay large cash to see this, I can't because she's gone and got herself kicked out of her apartment. I'm sure everything will be fine though, because she has a new nose.