Sunday, 16 June 2013


Gisele Bundchen, Whorrified, Victoria's Secret supermodels,
This photo has been tweeted directly from heaven, via Gisele Bündchen's Twitter account, to remind us that there are two kinds of people in the world: supermodels, and the rest of us. (Amanda Bynes: "Supermodels are ugly! Except the ones who've had nose jobs lolz!") 

And because the knowledge that  supermodels can  look like this only five months after having Tom Brady's baby is not, of itself, quite enough to make the rest of us want to choke ourselves to death on a strudel, this photo also serves as an announcement that Gisele is launching her own collection of "Brazilian Intimates." Or, as she puts it: "Lançando minha nova coleção Gisele Bündchen Intimates!" (Fuck me. Even her umlaut is hot.)

Happy Monday, everybody. Enjoy the strudel. There's really no point fighting it.