Friday, 7 June 2013


The man actually wore this in public. I mean, really.
Okay, that's it. I'm starting a clothing drive for Russell Brand. I was really hoping some of his homeless friends would step up and offer him some of their nattier rags, but either that hasn't happened, or it has and Russell rejected them as "too fancy." Dude is all kinds of heroin addict weird.

Get a load of our man in some kind of MC Hammer-Meets-Vow-of-Poverty sherpa pants, literally hitting the streets in public in them as if this is normal behaviour and we are all not supposed to have eyebrow spasms and snatch young children out of harm's way at the sight of him.

How this man somehow manages to convince attractive women such as Katy Perry and Geri Halliwell to have sex with him is beyond me. Drugs absolutely have to be involved in that process. "Eh, you are such a lovely lass ... oh look over there at that spectacular yoga mat *while I pepper your wheatgrass smoothie with quaaludes*"

Editor's Note: They're going to LOVE this nutter in the Middle East, where he plans to take his 'Messiah Complex' comedy tour that bashes religious beliefs.
My note: Update: Clothing drive cancelled. He won't be needing them on the cross he will soon be hanging from.