Monday, 24 June 2013


PAULA DEEN APOLOGIZES TO GOD AND HER CHILDREN AND KITTENS AND BUTTER for using hurtful language. And then immediately regrets it and pulls the video from YouTube. 
TMZ video framegrab

The Food Network has come down solidly on the side of ratings social justice by axing Paula Deen's show because she's the last person on Earth who hasn't clued in yet that the N-word is offensive (er, well, aside from every rapper alive, but let's not go there). 

In case you haven't been following the hard-hitting expose of Deen's incredible, lard-fried stupidity, the woman allegedly throws the N-word around like confetti and, when hauled onto the carpet by a staff member who disapproved of her penchant for slurs, admitted under oath that, why yes honey chile, I do use the N-word, "but not in a mean way." 
Which would sort of be like beating your wife in a loving way, I suppose. 
She later released an obscenely maudlin apology and then pulled it from YouTube (having learned nothing from Beyonce's experience with trying to edit the Internet). Although to be fair, she probably only pulled it because she later realized her makeup artist was on meth.

It's very sad that Deen's storied career had to end this way. Because frankly, it should have ended even sooner, such as when her toxic cooking methods caused her to develop (and then hide) Type 2 Diabetes. The woman might as well have been injecting pig fat into our arteries, for God's sake, and we let her make a career out of it. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Does this mean I should stop eating Krispy Kreme donuts?
MY NOTE: *proffers box of one dozen honey glazed* Oh, honey chile. You? You can eat as many of these little sweetlin's as you please. Go on now; they're good for you!