Friday, 28 June 2013


PAINFULLY FIT GWYNETH threatens to crush her date with her flinty obliques in a scene from Thanks For Sharing.

Gwyneth Paltrow is not the type to let some stroppy tart snatch away her Most Holistically Toned and Beautiful Woman in the World mantle without a fight. Which might explain her decision to become a stripper just like stroppy tart Jennifer Aniston did. And frankly, I think she does it better. Which is to say she looks slightly less like a wind-up doll wearing an Amanda Bynes wig than Jen does. Mind you, Gwyneth is still a bit too sinewy for my liking, I think the ideal stripper should look like she leads a sensuous lifestyle rather than looking like she starts each day with a bowl of twigs followed by a 10-km run and a seaweed colonic. But that’s just me. 
Watch this trailer of Thanks For Sharing, which is basically what I shriek every time Gwyneth opens her goddam mouth, some time when you need stimulation and there's nothing but this or a nicely framed photograph of your spinster Aunt Enid.