Monday, 24 June 2013


LISA ROBIN KELLY PLAYED ERIC'S WHORE SISTER, Laurie Forman, on That 70s Show. But she's doing a bang-up job of making sure nobody ever remembers that.

When last we left Lisa Robin Kelly of (fleeting) That 70s Show fame she had just been busted on DUI charges. Well seven months have passed and absolutely nothing has changed, because the little rubbie has just been arrested on suspicion of DUI again. Although there really wasn't much left to "suspicion," because she parked her car in a live lane of traffic on a highway to free up her hands for boozing, so really the only thing she could have done that would make this less suspicious would be to sit naked on the roof of the car with a bottle of JD in each hand. 

Which reminds me of the time I had one too many tequila shots and ... well never mind. This isn't about me. This is about Lisa Robin Kelly. (Or as I like to call her, Grace. As in "there but for the grace of God ..." ) For God's sake, woman. Haven't you ever heard of a flophouse? If you're going to get shatfaced, that's the place to do it! 

On the plus side, I notice that the geezer husband she often enjoys pummeling when she's shatfaced does not make an appearance in this incident. So either he was locked in the trunk or he was at home enjoying a rare moment of unpummelled sousing whilst the little wolverine was out. Him: *Sighs luxuriously. Swirls ice cubes around in tumbler. Checks watch* "No, really, she's been gone an awfully long time now. I hope she's not sitting on the hood of the car in live traffic again ... "