Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Miley's swiftly deleted tweet 
Miley Cyrus is clearly taking sides in the bitter divorce brewing between her Ma an' Pa. She’s siding with her Ma, but as anyone who has seen her trippy new hillbillies-gone-wild video We Cain’t Stop already knows, she’s not about to do that or anything else in a private, subdued, or God forbid, tasteful way. Oh hell no.

Miley is calling out her dad on Twitter, airing his dirty laundry for my personal delight the world to see, warning him to "tell the truth or else" and supplying an ominous pic of herself with stage actress Dylis Croman. Billy Ray and Dylis (sweet Jesus, what kind of parents name their kid Dylis? You just know she got called Syphilis Dylis the entire time she was growing up) starred together in a Broadway revival of Chicago last winter.

Billy Ray did not publicly reply, possibly because he's too busy adulterously shagging stage actresses, but at any rate, Miley deleted the tweet five minutes after posting it.  

This is not the first time Miley has rabidly attacked her father in public. Just one month ago she tweeted: "Since your texts and email obviously aren't working would you like to talk like this?" 
Billy Ray didn't rise to that bait, either, so nobody has any idea what's really going on here, but I personally am grateful for the front-row seats to Miley's blackmail tactics. And I am even more grateful that she is not MY kid. Jesus Christ, the things she could have blabbered about on Twitter. It boggles the mind ... 

EDITOR’S NOTE: I can't decide if Miley is being brave or bratty.
BILLY RAY'S NOTE: *throws possum at editor's head* Well I can sure as shootin’ decide! This here’s fambly bidness, gotdammit!