Monday, 10 June 2013


FEEL FREE TO COUNT the spelling mistakes 
in this feast of buffoonery. Susan Fennell 
HAD to have something to do with this!

I am not going to stoop to giving Brampton yet another shit-kicking, even though it is really asking for it this time. 

Instead, I will simply let this sign do the talking. This paid-for-by-the-city-of-Brampton sign erected at a dog park on Williams Parkway. Which is richly ironic, because this sign might have been copy edited by an actual dog. 

Either that or a Grade 6 dropout who can only have passed the city's rigourous testing standards by being on kissing terms with Mayor Susan Fennell's ass, because how else to explain the orgy of spelling mistakes that greets the hundreds of visitors to that park every day. I swear to God I saw a bulldog which, let's face it, is not the smartest of breeds have a laughing fit at the sight of it. 

Please enjoy this feast of stupidity, courtesy of the shitty of Brampton. (Copy editors wanted: copy editing ability not required.)