Thursday, 1 August 2013


Chad Kroeger -- I Love Being Married to Avril Lavigne

Could someone please check my pulse? Right now. RIGHT NOW! Because don't laugh, but I think I'm dead. Either that or I've somehow done that thing where you wake up with someone else's brain and you start speaking Swedish, liking things you never liked before and perhaps even *whimpers* finding Chad Kroeger adorable. Don't ask me how, all I know is that yesterday I thought Chad and, more specifically, his ferret bride, was a laughingstock, and now that I've seen this video of him looking like Hosie McHoser from Buttsex, Ontario, and gushing about being married to Avril, I find him kind of sweet. In an age where nobody is faithful and everybody either sexts pictures of their married penis or beats their girlfriend to a bloody pulp and then dumps her for being naive enough to take him back, Chad makes me feel warm and fuzzy and proud to be Canadian. Ugh! See what I mean? I've been possessed by the Devril. *flashes rock-on sign, body surfs into crowd of mullets*