Monday, 15 July 2013


And here, for no fathomable reason other than senility, is Ivana Trump sporting an aquamarine wig and encasing her droopy 64-year-old body in a leather catsuit. While on a date with a dude young enough to be her son. Who is probably only hanging around because, like all boy toys, he doesn’t give a shat about money, he's just in it for the delicious pancake booty. 
Let me just say for the record that if I EVER pull that kind of stunt when I am in my sixties, please have me put down. I'm serious. Just put me out of my misery.  

Click here to see more shocking Daily Mail pix of Ivana literally begging to be put into the celebrity retirement home (but not too close to The Donald please; she likes younger mens now). 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Amazing. What are the odds that we would get TWO pics of crazy bitches wearing aquamarine wigs in one week?  

Photo, left: AND MAY I JUST SAY this is a very good look for you, Ivana Trump, age 60-friggin-4. It's not at all ridiculous and inappropriate, although it would be if it weren't for that aquamarine feather boa. That feather boa saves the whole look, if you ask me.