Monday, 22 July 2013


 than I am of your pathetic campaigns 
and torture devices, is what I'm sayin' ..."
Sometimes, society's capacity to work itself into hysterics over stupid issues truly amazes me. Like the campaign to destroy Jenny McCarthy, for instance. What, pardon my language, the fuck?

Since McCarthy joined The View last week, the world has exploded with outrage and a campaign, shamefully joined by Toronto Public Health, has been launched to take down her career.

Well if you told me it was because she once found the insufferable Jim Carrey worthy of her vagina, I might be on board. But no. It's because of her controversial stance on child vaccines. To wit, she believes they caused her son's autism and crusades against them.

In the absence of such useful medieval devices as thumbscrews and pillories, Toronto Public Health has had to resort to punishment via Twitter. Yesterday it tweeted that McCarthy “cites fraudulent research on vaccines and it’s irresponsible to provide her with a platform,” then urged viewers to ask ABC to "change their mind" about hiring her.

Which is appalling on about 12 different levels.

First of all, why does anyone care what The View thinks about anything

Second of all, remember that free world tenet that people in societies on the other side of the globe deem worthy of dying for? I refer to free speech. Yeah, that. Whatever happened to that?
And finally, call me crazy, but I would think that if you disagree with some flaky celebrity's stance on vaccines, you  could simply say "I disagree" and get your child vaccinated. Rather than deciding that said flaky celebrity must no longer be allowed to speak in public, especially on such a powerful and world-shaping platform as The View, lest someone mistake her for that other genius whose empty chair she filled.

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's just a goddam shame we don't burn witches anymore. *signs Toronto Public Health petition with a flourish*