Thursday, 25 July 2013


JUSTIN BIEBER with a fan. And she seems a little standoffish so I'm just going to assume he spit on her.
Even if I hadn't known Justin Bieber was in town today, I would have known Justin Bieber was in town today. Because nobody can draw hordes of hysterical tweens (and their suspiciously giddy moms) like this dude can. I almost lost limbs trying to make my way to the GO station through the cackling throngs this evening: it was like trying to walk through a hen house when all the hens are in heat and the cutest rooster on the block is there, somewhere ... somewhere ... they can just feel it. 

Anyway, our boy is at this very moment onstage at the ACC whipping the tweens into a frenzy of hormones (I mean those poor girls' faces are going to break out like they've never broken out tomorrow), and he apparently got there without doing anything more scandalous than lobbing a gob off his Yorkville hotel balcony. Which, considering his behaviour lately is practically a miracle, yet which was nevertheless enough to send TMZ into an all-caps frenzy: "JUSTIN BIEBER SPITTING AGAIN, Caught in the act!" (You can see the pics here, and man are they attractive. He practically looks like royalty.)
Uh, dudes. If Biebs is in town and something wet drops out of the sky onto your head and it turns out to be just spit, that's a good thing. 

Editor's Note: Although I have to say I haven't written disaster off just yet. Because he's brought his moronic Svengali Lil Twit Twist here with him, so anything can happen. Mark my words. Anything.