Thursday, 1 August 2013


Well this is unusual: Kanye West, wearing bitch-face and acting like arse. Of course, it has been at least a week since the last time he acted like arse, so I'm just going to assume that the calf he had with Kim Kardashian has mellowed him. Either that or the act of shatting in golden bidets can alter one's personality. If that's the case, it was money well spent.

Anyway, Ye's increasingly emboldened attacks on paparazzi have taken an ugly turn, with him actually physically assaulting them now and trying to steal their cameras. He's never forgiven them for putting that pole right in the path of his big head. This time, the mangled photographer is pressing charges, which is terribly unwise of him because no court is ever going to punish celebrities for acting like jerks or the entire system would grind to a halt under the sheer volume of the caseload.

But in the meantime, watch Kanye go completely off his rocker and then imagine him going home and dandling a newborn on his knee. It's goddam terrifying, is what it is.