Sunday, 21 July 2013


Remember that epically disgraceful incident at the 2009 MTV Awards when Kanye West jumped the stage and literally snatched Taylor Swift's glory from her trembling teenage hands? One might be forgiven for reasonably expecting that that would be the lowest anyone could sink, even a confirmed lunatic like Kanye West. And one would be wrong, because Toronto's Flow 93.5 has posted a leaked cellphone recording of Kanye ranting to friends about the incident immediately afterwards. 

If this video and every other stupid thing Kanye has done has not already convinced you he's nuts, this will definitely do it. I have listened to it several times now and here is what I learned:
  • Kanye is seriously not fun to party with
  • Kanye is so angry he is actually insane
  • Kanye is so insane he doesn't even know why he's angry
  • Kanye blames fame and MTV and possibly even Taylor Swift for his mom's death
  • Kanye should have been given more swift kicks in the arse as a child
  • Kanye cannot hold a thought on its rightful path for more than three seconds before he's off on another insane tangent
  • Kim Kardashian is even more of a famewhore and moron than previously suspected. Because no one but a moron or a famewhore would open their legs and womb to this maniac
  • Kanye's "friends" aren't friends. Because one of them went to considerable lengths to record this, surreptitiously move the mic closer when it became obvious that Ye was going postal, and then accidentally leaked it just in time for this year's MTV nominations.
  • Kanye is officially, clinically, batshit bonkers
  • This is Kanye's best video yet