Wednesday, 3 July 2013


 shared this selfie on Instagram 
and did not include the caption: 
because it goes without saying. 

How did couples even fight before Twitter and Instagram? Why in my day you when someone dumped you, you had to hope to run into the bastard in person so you could have the luxurious pleasure of snubbing him or, even better, snubbing him while dancing with his best friend. Talk about the Dark Ages of revenge.  

Nowadays, thanks to Rihanna's tireless envelope pushing, you can reach out and slap someone virtually anywhere, anytime. Riri is using every form of social media available  to prove that she is  over Chris Brown and not jealous of Karrueche, making it painfully clear in the process that she is in fact not over Chris Brown and is insanely jealous of Karrueche. 

Which is great because look at the jollies we're getting out of it! Why within the past two days alone Riri has tweeted a photo of her arse in tight pants (left) and a video of herself dirty twerking to a song by Chris's arch bottle-tossing rival, Drake.
You can watch the video below; the only thing I've seen to rival it is Justin Bieber's Instagrammed homage to the intellect-boosting marvels of ganja.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I have no idea what twerking is but I know Miley Cyrus likes to do it and then people mock her bony arse and tell her to stop trying to be black.
MY NOTE: Well that's as good a definition as any.